Our Mission & Vision


Moss Group not only doing business and making profit but also wants to serve the people of the country.

 All the Moss Group concerns always try to offer best possible services and products to customers for attaining their full satisfaction, committed to providing the highest quality of service.

Moss Group does not want to grow alone; it always try to grow together with its customers, Suppliers, contractors, employees and the people of the country.


Moss Group has tried to become one of the largest conglomerates and the leader in many areas of business in Bangladesh. It wishes to go far ahead from where it is now.

The group wants to be the largest business of the country and the biggest contributor, from the private sector, to the economic and social development. It also wishes to bring more and more people under job and thus become the largest employer in the private sector.


With this vision and values we will set the standard for Professionals. Our success relies upon the efforts of the agents, staff, and management to continually look for and work toward enhancing the effectiveness of our Mission.

Moss Group always loyal for Bangladesh, honesty, fair practice and service to the nation as its core values, which act as the main basis in its decision-making. These values have created a moral compass for everyone at the group from the top management to ordinary employees and created the organizational culture accordingly.