The Moss Group

Moss group of companies laid out the stepping stones that paved the way for the nation’s industrial age.  In this journey, the group became a pioneering entity in the construction, shipyard, and automobiles sector of Bangladesh. Our presence in the market with construction-based real estate business.

We believe that together with our customers we can improve their comfort. We use our competencies and experience to create software which has a real impact on the present and the future.

Moss Group, has emerged as the fastest growing company with the mission of changing lifestyle by serving functional & aesthetic living and working space that can only be compared with developed world. Moss Group started its journey in recent times with its flagship company as Moss Real estate Ltd. Today this group has been considered as one of the biggest conglomerates with substantial investment in backward all kinds of linkage. It has the state of the art vertically integrated manufacturing facility which ensures one stop service to the buyer. Moss group always plays a significant role in its every activity by protecting environment.

Every individual who wants to be a corporate high level executive must be a leader. The key to truly effective leadership lies in mastering a wide range of skills from implementing and administrating processes to inspiring others to achieve excellence. In Moss Group everyone who works for it, gets ample opportunities to become a leader & a high level corporate executive by the very nature of its day to day working procedures.